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Freelance Writer for Hire – New Website – The Great British ‘Write Off’! 2nd April 2017

As you see I have re-vamped the website. I hope you like it. It was done by some very pleasant people upstairs from us here at Grange Farm called Trait Design Limited. I am particularly fond of the little ghost motif.

I am delighted to say that dear old Easton Thomas’ daughter loved the draft of  ‘Black and Green’ draft that I sent her. Apparently she has had his Falklands poems self published so I expect she will look to do the same with the book.

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2017 – a Happy New Year? 15th January 2017

Well let us hope so!

I know quite a number of people are looking to the future with a deal of foreboding especially in view of the soon to be witnessed inauguration of the ‘The Donald’ as the 45th President of the United States of America but I am quite looking forward to the next 12 months.

2016 was quite kind to me overall and ended in some style with confirmation of the award of my Masters’ degree in screenwriting from Birkbeck College.

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Freelance Writer for Hire – Autumn or is it Spring? 29th October 2016

The Birkbeck course is over and I can no longer use it as an excuse.

Whilst I was having to meet the deadlines and  requirements of the various modules on the course I could temporize that hectoring voice within me that was demanding to know why I was not submitting work for professional scrutiny by arguing that I had to devote all my efforts to getting as good a mark as possible.

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Freelance Writer For Hire – Curse the Day Job 29th August 2016

A further missive from The Blogging Bard of Braxted and his attempts to make it as a freelance writer.

As the effective end of the Summer the August Bank Holiday weekend can be a somewhat melancholy event despite the Notting Hill Carnival. The seemingly obligatory footage of policemen and woman doing the Lambada  tends to be offset by arrests and scuffles.

For me it used to have a particular  and evocative cachet.

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Scripts and Dissertations 10th July 2016

Well we finally made it with the dissertation. I have put a link to it on the website. All efforts are now focussed on the final project, ‘The Caterpillar’.

This story of terrifying happenings in the Great War tunnels under Belgium’s Ypres salient is a bit of a departure for me. The first draft drew mixed reviews so it is on with the second.

Submission date is 18 September but I want it in presentable shape for the London Screenwriter’s Festival which is at the beginning of that month.

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The First Draft 29th May 2016

Despite the best of intentions I have failed miserably in putting a first draft of my Zulu dissertation together. However, this is the May Bank Holiday and the perfect opportunity to start.

Better news is that I have managed to pen a first draft of my final project script ‘The Caterpillar’. Very much work in progress but at least it is a beginning.

Black and Green is also nearing completion. It is going to be a busy summer.

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