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Ghost Writer in the Sky – Summer time and the living is – well – hard going 1st July 2018

I am aware that I have been a bit quiet these last few months but that is not to say I have not been hard at work slaving over a hot keyboard crafting speculative screenplay ideas and entering writing competitions.

In my last post I presaged my annual assault on the BBC Writer’s Room drama contest with my TV pilot entitled Avalon. Unfortunately it did not seem to inspire much interest with the Beeb but I sent it to a few other people and picked some very good notes so watch this space.

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Ghost Writer in the Sky – It is Competition Time 11th February 2018

The weather is atrocious at the moment so it is not too much a strain to bury oneself away with the laptop and a pot of good coffee and enter the many competitions that open about now.

First one I have gone for is the BBC Writers’ Room drama run off. I always give this a go and one year actually made it past the ‘First Ten’ filter with ‘The Djinn’.

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Ghostwriter in the Sky – Winter Warmers 7th January 2018

Winter is not everyone’s favourite time of year but I have to say that so far this one is proving quite productive.

Back in September I attended the London Screenwriter’s Festival. This was my first time and I was a bit apprehensive but I have to say I found it a very positive experience and I would encourage anyone with aspirations to write for the screen to get themselves a ticket.

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Ghostwriter in the Sky – Autumn and it must be ‘Strictly’? 4th September 2017

Well perhaps not but the onset of longer nights and colder weather does mean that I will be spending more time in front of the telly. Certain critical elements might be heard to mutter that it would be difficult to devote more time to an activity that seems to take up most of my waking moments and quite a few of my non-waking ones but that would be unfair.

What is, perhaps, a more pertinent question is why does someone who purports to be a writer not divert himself in more creative ways: the cinema or the theatre for instance.

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Summer is a cumin in, loudly sing Cuckoo! 21st June 2017

Loudly sing cuckoo is right.

We are very lucky in having a cuckoo that rocks up late April/ early May to sit in a tree down the bottom of the garden and give us a pretty ear splitting rendition of its eponymous call. In fact some years back I was awoken by an extraordinary noise that I can only describe as cuckoo babble. I peered out of the window to see a pair of cuckoos mating on the back fence.

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Spring Has Sprung 14th May 2017

Yes, Spring is with us again and for me that always means me attempting to win the Euroscript Screenwriting competition and having a go at the Bridport Short Story prize. The fist deadlines on 31st March and the second 31st May and I am delighted to say that my entry, a screenplay treatment entitled ‘The Moss Troopers’ has made it through to the long list.

I suspect that is about as far as it will go but this competition draws a very large number of contestants from all over the world (last year’s winner lived in Melbourne, Australia) o any form of recognition is a bonus.

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