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See below a list of work available. If anything is of interest and you want to see more please contact me by phone or email and I will be more than happy to assist.


‘Venceramos!’ – Jack Reacher meets Apocalypto – a murder mystery set amongst the steaming jungles and enigmatic Mayan ruins of Central America.

‘Command Wire’ – Blaming himself for the death of a colleague in Afghanistan a British Army officer seeks redemption in the Congo’s heart of darkness.


‘The Caterpillar’ – Congolese born Inspector Josephine Seko uncovers a terrifying secret buried during the Great War that threatens to destroy her.

‘The Djinn’ – Physical and mental scars are not the only things that Captain Cherry Winters brings back with her from her service in Afghanistan – something far more terrifying has come back as well.

‘Captain Cleaver’ – Can anyone wipe the smug self satisfied smile off the bankers of the City of London? Yes Captain Cleaver can – the only problem is he has been dead for nearly 300 years!

‘The Elephant and the Whale’ – Horatio Nelson saves his Nation from Napoleon Bonaparte.

‘The Coolies of New York’ – Illegal Chinese immigrants fight exploitation in modern day New York.

‘The Tunnel’ – FBI Agent Gene Womack hunts drug lord Jesus Noriega in the tunnel labyrinth under the Mexican border.

‘The Minstrel Boy’ – ex undercover soldier Simon Farrell is called back to Northern Ireland by a mysterious message from the past.

‘The Templars’ – When Father Dermot Ryan suggests that it is high time the Pope got a nuclear bomb he was joking – but wee Danny O’Rourke is not!

‘The Second Amendment’ – The FBI have to work fast to protect a national organisation threatened by a crazed and terrifying revenge killer – the problem is that organisation is the National Rifle Association.

There are many other ideas and thoughts that I would be only too delighted to discuss with anyone so if there is nothing on the telly and the weather is crap drop me a line!