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Blog archive: July 2018

Short Story Competitions 29th June 2013

Tomorrow is the deadline for a number of short story competitions and, as ever, I am right up against the deadline. However, I seem to work better under pressure. At least that is my opinion – the judges will probably have a totally opposite view.

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Command Wire update 29th June 2013

We have a draft, it runs to about 45,000 words and following a very productive meeting last week at the military rehabilitation centre at Headley Court we are now pressing full steam ahead with producing a final draft ready to show agents/publishers.

Headley Court is a most extraordinary place. I saw many young men and women missing limbs and other extremities but I never saw one sad face.

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Euroscript Exciting Treatments Competition 2013 20th June 2013

Sadly I do not think that I have been short listed for this year’s contest. A pity, I thought I had a chance with my idea entitled ‘Genesis’. See what you think? I have put it in my work samples.

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Command Wire 20th June 2013

I am currently helping a young British Army Captain with a project he wishes to get published we are calling ‘Command Wire’.

It is an action novel involving Mark Warren, an officer in the Royal Engineers based in Afghanistan. He is in charge of a Royal Engineer Search Team or REST tasked with finding command wire activated IEDs.

Due to his alleged negligence a fellow officer, an Ammunition Technical Officer or ATO, is killed.

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