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Zulu! 11th April 2016

My Masters programme is now revving up to a potentially frenetic finale.

My TV drama idea, ‘Crown Street’,  had to be submitted by 30 March so that took me away from my other projects but as that deadline has now passed I can now look to shoot the other wolves nearing the sledge.

I attach the series premise for ‘Crown Street’ and you will note much has been borrowed from my father’s early life growing up in Glasgow.

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Encouraging News 20th February 2016

I was pleased to learn that my script ‘The Djinn’, which I had written for one of my Birkbeck modules, made it into the last rounds of the BBC Writers Room 2015 Drama Script competition.

This put it in the top 20% of over 3,100 entries which is not bad considering it had been chopped about quite a bit to meet a rather puzzling word limit set for the module.

A cynic suggested that it had more significant flaws: the writer was too white, too old and too male but then he’s just jealous.

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2016 – Seasonal Adjustment Disorder or just plain Sad? 3rd February 2016

Now that I am 60 it has become horribly apparent to me that I have now entered the endgame.

If this were a football match the fans would be starting to whistle, the referee looking at his watch and checking with his linesmen and those wanting to avoid the traffic queues would be heading for the exits.

The recent sad demise of David Bowei, Alan Richman and dear old Terry Wogan have said it all: us baby boomers are now starting to die off.

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Christmas 20th December 2015

It has been a bit of a slog having to deal with three modules this term so the Christmas break is very welcome. It will also mean that I can get on with ‘Green and Black’.

Looking forward to submitting my TV proposal. This will be based on my father’s family story in Glasgow between the wars. Well not entirely but I always adhere to the maxim ‘never spoil a good story with facts’.

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Script Reading 29th November 2015

I have started acting as a script reader for the University of Gloucester’s screen and media degree students. Well at least those that want to send their ideas.

I am hoping to develop this activity as it can be quite lucrative. Film companies are inundated with spec scripts sent in my hopeless wannabees like me and they need somebody to toil through the slush pile and see if there is a bit of gold lurking in the muck.

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Black and Green – Sad News 27th October 2015

Subsequent to my last post I regret to say that my client has, very sadly, now passed away. However, his family is very keen that his story is told so we are pressing on with the project.

As for my Birkbeck course the work load is as heavy as I anticipated but there is one pleasant development. In the module dealing with history and theory of screenwriting we are asked to do an analysis of a particular script.

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