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Who is Gilbert Masie

Who is Gilbert Masie?

Writing is my third profession having been both a soldier and a lawyer. In fact I still practice law under my real name Simon Morgan. Gilbert Masie is a pen name I have adopted in order to keep my two personas separate as I don’t think my legal clients would be too comfortable knowing that I like to write fiction! It is an anagram, can you work out what of?

I decided to devote myself seriously to writing in 2005. My first project was a novel entitled Venceramos! a sort of Lee Childs meets Apocolypto! This was published on line in 2008 and earned good reviews.

I have subsequently penned a number of articles, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as completing several screenplays. Most recently I helped Andy Reid, a soldier wounded in Afghanistan, with his autobiography which was published in February of 2013 under the title: ‘Standing Tall’.

In 2012 I won Third prize in the Euroscript Exciting Treatments competition which attracts thousands of entries from all over the world. In the same year I completed a postgraduate certificate in journalism at Birkbeck College, London University’s distance learning college.

In 2015 my script ‘The Djinn’ managed to get through to the ‘long read’ stage of the BBC Writers’ Room script submissions exercise. This was a script I had developed as part of my Masters degree in screen writing that I began in 2014, again at Birkbeck College. I completed this in September 2016 and was awarded a ‘Merit’ pass.

Recent projects are helping an Army Officer who is also a wounded Afghan veteran with a novel set in Afghanistan and the Congo and an ex National Serviceman with his memoirs of Cyprus in the 1950s. I have also just completed a ghost written memoir for the daughters of an ex Royal Marine who sadly died before he could complete them himself.

My outline treatment ‘Moss Troopers’ made it to the shortlist in this year’s Euroscript’s screen writing competition and I am hopeful that my final MA project ‘The Caterpillar’ may be picked up by a Belgian producer.

As a performer I have appeared in the motion picture ‘Austenland’ which can be caught on DVD; I am at the end! I have also appeared on television in adverts as well as ‘Lewis’, ‘New Tricks’ and ‘Family Tree’.

More recently I can be seen in ‘Mordecai’, along with Johnny Depp and Ewan Cameron and ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ with Alexander Skarsgard and Samuel L Jackson.

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