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11th April 2016

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My Masters programme is now revving up to a potentially frenetic finale.

My TV drama idea, ‘Crown Street’,  had to be submitted by 30 March so that took me away from my other projects but as that deadline has now passed I can now look to shoot the other wolves nearing the sledge.

I attach the series premise for ‘Crown Street’ and you will note much has been borrowed from my father’s early life growing up in Glasgow. I  also did a fair amount of research and it must have been a most extraordinary place and period in which to have lived.Crown Street Premise

Some good news is that Birkbeck have agreed that I can develop ‘The Caterpillar’ for my final project. This was the idea that had excited some interest with a Belgian producer. I think I have now got an agreed treatment so I am able to tackle a first draft of the script.

Of equal, and arguably more pressing, importance is the first draft of Black and Green and the Zulu dissertation.Black and Green should be in embryonic form by the end of the month.

With the regard to the dissertation I have been most fortunate in being put in touch with His Royal Highness Prince Zakinthi Buthelezi, the Grandson of Chief Mangosotho Buthelezi. The Prince is a charming and very erudite young man who has been of enormous assistance to me.

I hope to have an initial draft by the middle of May which is quite soon enough as the deadline is 30 June.

Time’s winged chariot seems to have put on the after burners.

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