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Blog archive: July 2018

Competitions 28th May 2014

More contests to enter.

Disappointed not to make the Euroscript shortlist but am enthusiatsic about my forthcoming entry in the Bridport Novel prize.

I have decided to develop an old idea of mine entitled ‘The Templars’ – an Irish Traveller, tormented by what he sees as racial and religious bigotry, plots to give the Pope a Nuclear weapon.

A Catholic upbringing – never lets you be.

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Northern Ireland Project 28th May 2014

One of the problems I often encounter when writing for military or ex-military people is that their stories involve issues relating to National Security and the manuscript needs to be vetted by the relevant authorities.

We are a secretive nation but also delight in spilling beans and the conflict between the two desires can be difficult – remember Spycatcher!

Anyway, we have just such an issue with my latest project, but hopefully it can be overcome and we can move on to develop what I think will be an absolutely cracking read.

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Command Wire 28th May 2014

I helped the author with what I hope is a final edit last week and look forward to being able to direct you to an online link very soon.

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