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29th August 2016

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Freelance Writer For Hire – Curse the Day Job

A further missive from The Blogging Bard of Braxted and his attempts to make it as a freelance writer.

As the effective end of the Summer the August Bank Holiday weekend can be a somewhat melancholy event despite the Notting Hill Carnival. The seemingly obligatory footage of policemen and woman doing the Lambada  tends to be offset by arrests and scuffles.

For me it used to have a particular  and evocative cachet. I will say no more other than to tell you that my two children – now grown up – were both born on 19 May, albeit 4 years apart.

Anyway, that was all along time ago. This has been a busy Summer on the legal front which has meant a big squeeze on the time spent in composing the old deathless prose.

One highlight was the Summer School that the Birkbeck College screenwriting team laid on in early July. Tapping away on the WP is by its very nature a somewhat solitary pursuit and if one is not to suffer the ill effects other such singular habits can bring on it is a good idea to seek out fellow scribblers and compare woes.

These were many but seemed to be comparatively similar which is, I suppose, of some comfort. One very salient but somewhat depressing message that came over was that even if you are reasonably successful in getting into print you will be unlikely to make a living out of it so do not give up the day job. Old advice but still pertinent.

Anyway, I have managed a second draft of the Caterpillar and this means I can devote more time to the Green and Black project which richly deserves a boost to see it over the line.

I placed an Ad in the Globe and Laurel asking for anybody who new Easton Thomas and have already had a reply which is encouraging.

Also rather pleasant was noting on my bank statement that the last installment of my Birkbeck College course fees has now been paid. All I have to do is submit the final project on 18 September and that, hopefully, will be that.

How quickly it has gone. Now comes the hard work of ensuring that the letters after my name can be converted into similarly significant letters on the page.

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