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2nd April 2017

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Freelance Writer for Hire – New Website – The Great British ‘Write Off’!

As you see I have re-vamped the website. I hope you like it. It was done by some very pleasant people upstairs from us here at Grange Farm called Trait Design Limited. I am particularly fond of the little ghost motif.

I am delighted to say that dear old Easton Thomas’ daughter loved the draft of  ‘Black and Green’ draft that I sent her. Apparently she has had his Falklands poems self published so I expect she will look to do the same with the book. I will let you all know.

Otherwise I have been busy entering competitions. An interesting one was run by Fish Publishing and was for a memoire. I now have plenty of these so was able to share a few of the more printable ones. I was not aware that this was a popular genre but now I do it may prove, hopefully, a rich seam.

My annual attempt to crack the Euroscript Screenwriting Competition has also just been completed, the deadline was Friday night. I have two entries: one a modern ghost story about resurrected Reivers – which is a bit of an allegory on Scottish independence – and the other centres on a creepy lawyer – well, you know the old adage: write about what you know.

Besides competitions, and whilst I await my next commission, I will be going back to some of  my old projects to see if we can do a re-write. However, it is amazing how soon that cutting edge bit of social satire that one was so enthused about back in 2012 now seems not only old and dated but utterly banal. Probably was when it was written truth to tell!

One thing I am going to do is see if I can raise some interest in yet another one of those reality shows centred on a particular activity. We have had The Great British Bake Off, The Great British Paint Off, The Great British Throw Down, The Sewing Bee; well now why don’t we have the Great British Write Off?

People would compete for a BBC screenwriting course or some such prize and each week would produce a different piece of written work. We could start off with a Haiku, then flash fiction, a short story and end up with a five minute screenplay.

Now I know watching people write sounds only marginally more interesting than watching paint dry but it would all be in the performance. We will get a load of drama students or out of work actors who would probably bite your arm off for the opportunity to get on telly to read/perform the works.

I think it has definite legs. Who’s with me?

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