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11th February 2018

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Ghost Writer in the Sky – It is Competition Time

The weather is atrocious at the moment so it is not too much a strain to bury oneself away with the laptop and a pot of good coffee and enter the many competitions that open about now.

First one I have gone for is the BBC Writers’ Room drama run off. I always give this a go and one year actually made it past the ‘First Ten’ filter with ‘The Djinn’.

Essentially they read all entrants’ first ten pages, kick out the crap and then read the next 30 of the others. This year’s offering is ‘Avalon’. A supernatural murder mystery set on the Somerset Levels. I would liken it to ‘Twin Peaks’ meets ‘Emmerdale’ ‘.

It has been fun to write and I have had great help from Anji Loman-Field of Euroscript and her excellent TV Writing course. On her suggestion I have also submitted it to the Red Planet contest and the BAFTA/Rockliffe competition – fingers crossed.

As for prose work I have entered the Fish Memoir prize with a little piece called ‘The Corncrake’. I am also putting together ideas for the annual Euroscript Treatment contest. I cam Third in 2012 and was short listed last year so I am determined to go one better this year.

Keep scribbling!


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