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21st June 2017

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Summer is a cumin in, loudly sing Cuckoo!

Loudly sing cuckoo is right.

We are very lucky in having a cuckoo that rocks up late April/ early May to sit in a tree down the bottom of the garden and give us a pretty ear splitting rendition of its eponymous call. In fact some years back I was awoken by an extraordinary noise that I can only describe as cuckoo babble. I peered out of the window to see a pair of cuckoos mating on the back fence. I opened the window and told them to shut and find a room. This was a mistake. I have since been told that if I had instead filmed it the BBC Natural History Unit would have paid off my mortgage for a copy.

Anyway, what news? Well, the Euroscript Screen Writing Contest proved a fertile ground for me and I made it to the final short list with my story ‘Moss Troopers’ and I have entered my short story ‘The Attorney’ into the Bridport Prize competition. I fear this may not go as well; someone who read it thought it might be better placed in a competition for sado-porn! I must check that they were reading the right version.

‘The Caterpillar’ is still crawling along. I pitched it to my fellow Dublin Boozalier and Sony legend Peter Taylor who was quite – and seemingly sincerely – complimentary. Gave me some interesting suggestions and so we have done a re-write and will put it out again.

I also need to re-vamp ‘The Djinn’ and sort out a few other ideas so that I can assemble a basket of ‘spec’ scripts and see if I can attract an agent. I am getting fed up of handling myself alone – if you get my meaning!

Onwards and upwards.

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