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14th May 2017

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Spring Has Sprung

Yes, Spring is with us again and for me that always means me attempting to win the Euroscript Screenwriting competition and having a go at the Bridport Short Story prize. The fist deadlines on 31st March and the second 31st May and I am delighted to say that my entry, a screenplay treatment entitled ‘The Moss Troopers’ has made it through to the long list.

I suspect that is about as far as it will go but this competition draws a very large number of contestants from all over the world (last year’s winner lived in Melbourne, Australia) o any form of recognition is a bonus.

Talking of Euroscript I have organised for the presentation evening on 31st May a talk/interview with some old Army mates who now work in the Private Security industry. They are going – hopefully – to spill the beans on surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques. All thrillers, police dramas frankly you name it set in the present day needs to be technically accurate and that can be difficult.

If you are interested hit the Euroscript link on the end page where you will find all the details.

Other interesting news is that I met a big cheese in Sony who has given me some good ideas about my script ‘The Caterpillar’ so I will be re0writing that over the next week or so. Also I have been invited to submit articles for the Screen Lab website and blog which will be fun – no money but fun! Well even David Koep had to start somewhere. Who is David Koep? Google him and find out. In fact he is my mate David Koep as he directed me in Mordecai.

Unfortunately my fellow cast members, a bunch of numpties called Depp, McGregor and Bettaney, screwed it up big time and the film was a flop apart from my epic performance in the role that I have now made my own: man at airport.

My best rendition of this challenging persona is, of course Austenland. This is available online and so if you have a spare moment do yourself a favour and download it. Do not worry about the film itself which is some old Pony about … I can’t remember actually, no just scroll right to the last scene and watch and learn. A masterclass in the craft of acting.

More soon.

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