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20th June 2013

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Command Wire

I am currently helping a young British Army Captain with a project he wishes to get published we are calling ‘Command Wire’.

It is an action novel involving Mark Warren, an officer in the Royal Engineers based in Afghanistan. He is in charge of a Royal Engineer Search Team or REST tasked with finding command wire activated IEDs.

Due to his alleged negligence a fellow officer, an Ammunition Technical Officer or ATO, is killed. Consumed with guilt he finds out that her next of kin, her father, has not been informed of her death as he lives out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Warren decides to go out there and find him and seek his forgiveness.

In the Congo he becomes involved in the terrible internecine struggle going on in that country and finds that he has to completely re-evaluate his thinking about right and wrong.

This is challenging stuff – particularly as neither of us have ever been to the DRC!

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